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IRC Chat

Want to chat with other wanderers in real time? Now is your chance using mIRC!

If you are familiar with mIRC the information below will help you connect to the server and find our channel.

Server: irc.esper.net
Channel: #theway

For IRC Newbies
IRC Client: mIRC

IRC is very simple, but it can take some getting used to. The ten steps below should help guide you through the process of obtaining mIRC, setting it up, connecting, and joining #theway channel.

1. First, you need an IRC client. We VERY HIGHLY recommend mIRC, which you can download via the link above. This guide assumes you are using mIRC. If not, you're out of luck! ;P

2. Install and run mIRC.

3. Your should be presented with a screen titled mIRC Options. If not, click File -> Options to open the screen.

4. Click "Connect" under the "Category" list.

5. Over on the right, click the "Add" button to add a new server. Enter this info:
Description: irc.esper.net
Server: irc.esper.net
Port: 6667
Leave the rest alone and click Add.

6. In the IRC Network drop down, select "All", then select "irc.esper.net " from the other drop down.

7. Type in your name, email address, nickname, and alternative nickname (in case your other nickname is in use) and then click Okay.

8. Open the File menu and select File -> Connect, or click the little lightning bolt on the menu bar to connect.

9. All this text will start shooting around. Ignore it. When it stops, go on to the next step.

10. You need to register a nickname. To do this, make sure you're using the nickname you want to register. Then, type "/ns register ". Next time you connect with that username, you'll need to type "/ns identify ". This ensures no one will steal your name. :)

11. Finally, time to join The Way's channel! To join, use the command "/join #theway". Notice the pound (#) in front of the channel name. This is required for entering any channel.

You're done! Now have fun!

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