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Contact me at: contact[at]studybunnygames[dot]com


My new game Learn Japanese RPG: Hiragana Forbidden Speech is now available on Steam!

Please wishlist it! (This helps it get visibility on Steam)



I'm looking for beta testers for my Japanese learning game.

Website with basic game info:

Requirements to test
1. Windows PC (game won't run on Mac or Linux unless you have special software to run Windows programs)
2. Steam Account (I will provide Steam keys to download the game)
3. 20-30 hours of free time in the coming months. (I expect testing to take place from May-July)
4. Interest in learning Japanese (see website above concerning what you will learn). If you already know a bit of Japanese, that's fine too.

Other Information
1. I will likely use a Trello board to collect feedback from testers.
2. I may setup a Discord server too. Optional.
3. The game runs on RMXP, so performance is a bit meh. Eventually, I'll look at possibilities with MKXP for a better experience and to port to Mac and Linux.

If you're interested you can direct message (DM) me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LunCalsari or e-mail me at: contact[at]studybunnygames[dot]com.



You can purchase my latest project Shadows of Adam from the Something Classic website or on Steam

To be clear, this is a much simpler, more light-hearted romp than The Way. More details are available on the website and on Steam.



Shadows of Adam Kickstarter has launched! If you'd like to support me on my current project check it out!



I'm currently working as a writer and level-designer on Shadows of Adam, an up-and-coming indie game. Check us out on twitter: https://twitter.com/somethingclassc and on our website: http://www.somethingclassic.net.



I'm currently working part-time as a writer on two indie games.

The first is a retro RPG. I've completed the majority of the writing work and production is proceeding. There should be an official website to showcase the project before the end of the year. I will post a link when it's up.

I can't really say much about the second game as I've signed a non-disclosure agreement. It's in pre-production and the development team is still not wholly formed.



My brother has published two novels that are available on itunes. Check them out!

Book 1 - Rise of Innocents
Book 2 - Test of Innocents



I was shocked today when someone e-mailed me asking for an instruction manual to The Way. I have posted a more detailed manual to the downloads section.

On another note, I really need to work harder at getting my novel published.



Novel completed. Revise, revise, revise.


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