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The Way features many custom graphics as you will see if you look in the screenshot section of the site. All custom facesets were created by Maya, while I'm responsible for all the other custom graphics including battle backdrops, character sprites, panaramas, etc.

The Plunge System;
This is the one on one combat system used in The Way. The specifics of the system will be explained in the Wanderer's Guide Book.

The Aura System;
You will never find yourself equiping new armor or a new sword in The Way, at least not in the typical sense. Instead The Way uses auras to help players improve their attack and defensive powers. By defeating foes with various aura's "equiped" you will improve that aura's stats and learn new specialized skills. This system is also explained in detail in the Wanderer's Guide Book.

The Notch System;
Aura's are just one way to up your abilities in The Way. Abilities can also be upped in a more permanent manner through the use of notch items. During the course of the game you will come across items which can be set into a notches in your sword. By absorbing these items you will acquire many new skills and make gains on basic stats. Absorption is accomplished by defeating foes and gaining specialized points. A more detail description is given in the Wanderer's Guide Book.

Episode Summaries
The Way follows the story of Rhue of Landorin, a young wanderer on a quest to regain a piece of his past. He's been searching the Way for many years already as Episode 1 begins. With his hopes diminishing further and further each day, he is setting a frantic pace for himself, desperate for a simple clue that might help guide him to that which he lost so many years ago. However, his situation and that of many others is about to become quite deadly as a shadow killer begins a murderous spree of destruction along the Way.

A troubled past echoes in Rhue's mind as his skills are put to the test in a grueling three day tournament for fame, fortune, and the affections of a beautiful woman. He will have little time to sort through his thoughts. Bar fights, suicide jumpers, and an all out assault by the feared Blue Scarves await him as his search for a lost love continues.

The horrific events of the Landorin Massacre haunt Rhue as he continues his search for Serena. Strangely, it appears that the beautiful and charismatic leader of the vile Blue Scarves may hold the secrets to the whereabouts of Rhue's childhood love. Though Rhue intends to investigate, this task may prove difficult with the mysterious and fearsome Phantom Slasher still roaming free. Prepare yourself wanderer, life is about to get very interesting as Rhue gets his first taste of the darker side of the Way. The bizarre world that exists silently in the shadows of the Way is about to become very real.

The Way saga continues in Episode 4 - Words To A Lonely Song, as Rhue is plunged into the turbulent politics of a city of epic proportions. Torn between Guided, Vigilante, Blood Lyn, Blue Scarves, and others, Rhue finds himself in the fight of his life as he seeks out Cetsa to learn the truth about Serena.

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